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Baseball Mogul 2003 Screen Shots

Getting Started

Start a new game of Baseball Mogul by selecting which team you want to manage. The current edition of Baseball Mogul even includes the real big league players, for extra realism! You can manage your favorite team, or for an extra challenge choose to manage a small market team with fewer financial resources.

Follow the league standings

As the season progresses, keep an eye on the standings screen to see how your team is doing. You can advance the season by a day, a week, or a month at a time depending how closely you want to manage your team.

Watch the Play by Play

New for 2003, Play by Play mode is back! Now you can watch each baseball game unfold as it happens, rather than just reading the game recap afterwards.

Play by Play mode is a great way to enjoy the really big games. Watch as each player comes up to bat, and feel the suspense build as they try to knock the runners home.

Read the Daily Sports Section

Baseball Mogul has its own newspaper, The Mogul Insider, where you can read about all the recent baseball action. Catch up on all the most exciting games with articles about the heroes who made it happen. You can even get the box score of the game--or read a full game recap--if you want to know exactly what happened.

Find the Best Players

Find out which players are leading the league in any of 30 different statistics from Batting Average to Earned Run Average to number of Bases Stolen.Then decide whether you want to make a trade for one of the top performers.

View the Scouting Reports

Scouting reports are an invaluable resource for any General Manager. Use the reports to keep track of the players on your team and on competing teams. See their statistics from previous years, and get a report from your scouting staff with the inside scoop on each player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Make the Big Trades

Put your mark on the team! Think your team needs a new starting pitcher? Want to trade away your slugger before his contract expires? The trade screen puts you in command. Negotiate with other teams to build the best roster you can afford.

Nothing beats the feeling of completing a complex trade that can take you all the way to the Championship!

Manage the Bottom Line

Your baseball team is a business. And like any other business, it has to turn a profit or risk going bankrupt. As General Manager, you control the money you bring in through selling tickets, concessions, and TV broadcast rights. You also control the money you spend on player salaries, scouting, your farm club, and your medical staff. Manage your finances well, and your team will turn a tidy profit. But manage your finances poorly, and you may find yourself out of a job!

New for 2003, Concessions are back! Now you can set the prices for concessions in your ballpark. The more hot dogs, drinks, and ice cream you can sell, the more money you can put into your team!

Recruit the Rookies you Need

New for 2003, adjust your rookie draft! Tell your minor league managers what kind of players you are looking for, so they can help you fill the gaps in your team. Picking up all your players in free agency can be expensive, so it helps to have your minor league farm club recruit and train at least some of the players your team needs.

Do you need more relief pitchers, a left fielder, and a third baseman? Tell the managers and they will try to get them for you. Do you need better contact hitters, and pitchers with power and control? They can find those, too!

Build a New Ballpark, or Move your Ballclub

New for 2003, build a new ballpark for your team! Has your team been handicapped by a small, old ballpark? Now you can build a new stadium and bring your ballclub into the 21st century!

Add more seats, or improve the convenience and comfort of the stadium. You can even make your ballpark a domed stadium, if you want!

And if you think your team would do better in a new city altogether, you can move your team to any one of dozens of major and minor cities in North America. And you may even be able to get your new home to throw in a nice new ballpark for free!

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