Baseball Mogul 2016

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Version 19.23 is the most up-to-date version of Baseball Mogul 2016.

To see what version you are running:
Choose 'About Baseball Mogul' from the Help Menu.

Changes since Version 19.00 include:

  • Improvements to rosters and player ratings.
  • Improvements to the Player Editor.
  • Fixes bug causing box score data to disappear when a game was saved and resumed.
  • Improved pitcher management (e.g. modern-era relief pitchers were facing too many batters).
  • Fixed bad data files (e.g. from etc.): "PitchingVsLeft.csv", "Fielding.csv".
  • Bunting foul with two strikes in Play-By-Play Mode correctly credited as a strikeout.
  • Improved code for assigning player ratings and overall value for historical players.
  • Updated Help File.
  • Reduced excessively high talent levels in Amateur Draft player pool.

To upgrade from any previous version of Baseball Mogul 2016 to 19.23, download this file and double-click to run the patch installation program.

Previous Patches

Version 19.22      Version 19.21      Version 19.20      Version 19.17      Version 19.12
Version 19.10      Version 19.05      Version 19.04      Version 19.03      Version 19.02

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