Baseball Mogul 2017

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Version 20.06 is the most up-to-date version of Baseball Mogul 2017.

To see what version you are running:
Choose 'About Baseball Mogul' from the Help Menu.

To upgrade from any version of Baseball Mogul 2017 to Version 20.06, download and run this patch.

Changes from Version 20.05 to 20.06 include:
Changes from Version 20.03 to 20.05 include:

Changes from Version 20.00 to 20.03 include:

Previous Patches

Version 20.05

Version 20.03

Version 20.02

Patches for Baseball Mogul 2016


After installing the patch, you should be able to run Baseball Mogul 2017 normally using the shortcut installed by the patch.

If you encounter any errors, such as a message that the game is in the wrong directory, your best option is to re-install the full game using the link included with your original purchase confirmation. That link will always point to the newest version of Baseball Mogul 2017.

If you can't find that e-mail, ask for help from

Hotkey Bug

There was a bug in the installer for Version 20.00 that set 'Ctrl-B' as a hotkey for Baseball Mogul 2017.

You can fix this by:

1) Right-clicking on the icon for Baseball Mogul 2017
2) Selecting 'Properties'
3) Deleting 'Ctrl B' where shown.
4) Clicking 'Accept'.

Or just install the current patch.