Paying by Check or Money Order (updated 3/18/2011)

In an attempt to support consumers who either do not have or are giving up credit cards, Sports Mogul Inc. is again taking checks and money orders.

To place a purchase by mail, please use the order system to calculate the total of your order (this link leads to an example image). Print out the page, issue a check or money order in US funds made out to Sports Mogul Inc. for the amount specified and mail it to:

Sports Mogul Inc.
73 Old Town Road
Ashford, CT 06278 USA


1. Your email address (Very important for download orders!)
2. Your name (first and last)

If buying a CD-ROM product, please include:

1. Your email (so we can reach you if there's a problem, and send along any free links included with the purchase.)
2. Your name
3. The recipient's name (if different from you)
3. Recipient's address
4. Recipient's city
5. Recipient's state or province
6. Recipient's zip code
7. Recipient's country (if outside the USA)

Have any questions, or would you like help creating your order total? Email

An order total will look like this:

Checks and Money Orders Form Example