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Baseball Mogul 2010

Baseball Mogul includes a new "Custom Game Startup Screen" to help you easily create customized and use customized baseball universes.

Custom Dialog

This new screen contains 4 buttons

Load Database

This lets you start a new game using an existing "Custom Database": any Baseball Mogul saved-game file in the Baseball Mogul folder. Choose this option to use a custom database created by other Baseball Mogul users (such as those posted to this forum).

Similarly, you can create your own custom database using Baseball Mogul's built-in tools such as the League Editor and the Player Editor.

New League

Start a new game using real or fictional players, using data from any historical season (1901-2009).

Even when you plan to create a fictional universe, Baseball Mogul asks which season (1901-2009) you would like to use as a template. For example, if you choose "1910", your fictional universe will share the same characteristics as baseball during the "deadball era": there will be 8 teams in each league, and the simulation will exhibit appropriate characteristics (such as having many fewer home runs than the modern era).

After creating the base universe, Baseball Mogul will automatically display the "League Settings" dialog, allowing you to make changes to the simulation and aspect of the game's artificial intelligence. Note that you don't need to make all your changes at this time; you can access the League Settings dialog later using the League Menu.

Next, Baseball Mogul lets you choose a team and difficulty level. If you would like to use any of the following options, click the "Advanced Options" button at this point:

Finally, Baseball Mogul automatically opens the League Editor, where you can add or remove teams; rename teams; change division layouts; and make a variety of other changes to each team. Like the League Settings dialog, the League Editor is also available after this setup process.

League Builder

The new League Builder feature lets you easily assemble an entire league combining different teams from baseball history. The League Builder will automatically place these teams in leagues; if you wish to customize the divisional layout, you can use the League Editor after creating your baseball universe.

Note: If you wish to create a custom database choosing individual players (instead of individual teams), you can edit the roster file.

All-Time All-Stars

Starts a new game in the current season, using the "All-Time All-Star" rosters supplied with Baseball Mogul. This rosters contain a list of the best players from baseball history, divided among each of the 30 historical franchises.

To create these rosters, Baseball Mogul reads a file called "All-Time All-Stars.csv" in the "Players" folder inside the "Input" folder. If you wish to change the players included on each team, you can edit this file using Microsoft Excel, or a text editor like Wordpad. (You can access Baseball Mogul's folder at any time by choosing 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu).

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