Note: A newer version (Football Mogul 17) will be available on November 7th, 2016.

Football Mogul 16

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MSRP: $34.95
Sports Mogul Price: $29.95

System Requirements:
- Windows ( Vista / XP / 7 / 8 / 10 )
- 220 MB hard disk space

Install the free demo version.

(Games started in the demo can be resumed in the full version.)

Football Mogul 16 is the 13th version of the addictive football simulation game from the makers of Baseball Mogul.

This version includes rosters and player ratings for opening weekend of the 2015-2016 season.


  • Start in any season from 1970 to 2015
  • Play-by-play describes each play as it happens
    • Box scores and play-by-play files created for each game
  • Detailed play designer
    • 22 offensive formations: 3rd down packages, wildcat, etc.
    • 17 defensive formations: nickel, dime, prevent, 33 stack, 52, etc.
    • View detailed results for each play in your playbook:
      • Versus each type of defense
      • In each down-and-distance situation
  • Realistic player development and aging
    • Play up to 100 seasons into the future
  • Automatically loads files from previous versions
  • and more...

New Features

  • Updated team rosters for 2015-2016 season
    • Accurate 65-man rosters, updated for opening weekend.
    • Hand-edited ratings for over 3000 players, including all 2015 NFL Draft picks.
    • Updated salary and signing bonus data for over 2,800 players.
    • Updated year-by-year stats for every player.

  • Improvements...
    • Added the ability to save and resume games during Play-By-Play mode
      • Added “Skip Quarter” option (cf. "skip inning" in Baseball Mogul Diamond).
      • New “cheat keys” in Play-By-Play mode.
    • Added "Point Spread" and "Over/Under" information to the Calendar page
      • Includes ability to view each team’s record “against the spread”.
    • Added "Power Rank" to the Finances Page
    • Added more than 60 players projected to go near the top of next year's draft (2016).
    • New player generation model
      • Rookie “templates” replaced with unique vital stats and ratings
      • Creates players with skill sets and/or vital stats previously unmatched in NFL history
        (real-life examples of this include RG3, Rob Gronkowski, Troy Polamalu, etc.)
    • Moved the extra point back to the 15-yard line.
      • (You can also turn this off, as with other NFL rule changes.)
    • Added a “Release” button to the Scouting Report
      • Easier to trim your roster and stay under the Salary Cap.
    • Updated each team’s stadium data and financial information
      • Improved “Franchise Value” formula, better matching figures published by Forbes etc.

  • .. and fixes to problems with last year's game:
    • Complete overhaul of financial engine
      • Fixes problem with teams losing money, trading draft picks for cash, etc.
    • New computer AI regarding offering and accepting trades.
    • Improved the computer AI for signing free agents and/or signing contract extensions.
    • New AI for the NFL draft.
      • Eliminates some really dumb draft selections
    • Bug fixed with calculation and display of "Total Payroll" and "Salary Cap Room"
    • Improved the computer play-calling AI and clock management.
      • Computer teams no longer kick "last-minute" field goals with more than 30 seconds left.
    • Improved on-field roster management.
      • Fixes formations with weird out-of-position players etc.
    • Adjusted sack frequency for every season
      • Matches historical norms and projected totals for the upcoming season.
    • Fixed the 'All Players' option in the Sortable Stats Dialog.

  • More than 350 new players
    • Includes all 2015 draftees, plus undrafted free agents

  • Accurate team schedules for every season from 2001 through 2015
    • Accurate scheduling algorithm for all future seasons (2016 and beyond):
      • Includes correct interdivision and interleague matchups according to NFL rules
    • Plus realistic schedule options going back to 1972

Past Reviews for Football Mogul

"The best multi-season simulator there is."

"The game play is FANTASTIC."

"As real as it gets."

Additional Features

  • Forty-five years of history
    • Historical rookies loaded for each college draft class
    • Correct schedule and playoff format for each season
    • Enable or disable historical rules changes, such as:
      • Overtime (added in 1974)
      • 2-point conversions (1994)
      • Salary cap (1994)
      • New playoff overtime rules (2010)
      • New regular-season overtime rules (2013)
      • Extra point moved to 15-yard line (2015)
    • Additional league editing options (e.g. number of divisions and/or wild card teams)

  • Hotseat play
    • Two players can compete head-to-head using the same computer
    • Keyboard shortcuts for in-game playcalling (so you don't have to fight over the mouse)

  • Support for online play
    • Schedule generation for shorter seasons (as few as 4 games)
    • Schedule generation for custom league configuration -- even for an odd number of teams
    • Fantasy drafts with more than one human-controlled team
    • "Import Playbooks" feature lets you quickly load playbooks designed by each team's owner

  • Strategic options
    • Set your team to run a '3-4' or '4-3' defense
    • Build your offense with or without a fullback
    • Adjust the run/pass balance of your offense
    • Fine tune your game plan by customing your playbook

More Reviews

  • "If you want to play a football game, play Madden. If you want a general manager simulator, play Football Mogul." -
  • "I hope tons of people purchase the game, cause it's a touchdown all the way."
  • "The rosters are as accurate as ever. The drafts for each year are spot on."

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
Hard Drive Space: 220 MB

[Football Mogul version number: 13.0.6]