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Feature Help

If you are confused about how a feature works in Football Mogul, click the Help button on the appropriate screen, or use the 'Help' menu.

If that doesn't answer your question, check the Football Mogul 2012 help files.

Q: I originally downloaded Baseball Mogul from Sports Mogul. My hard drive has crashed and I need to re-download the game. How can I do this?

A: Please read the download FAQ for information regarding downloading and installation, or just email

Q: I get a 'missing file' message when trying to view box scores or game recaps using Windows Vista.

A: Windows Vista has a serious bug that causes some folders to be set to 'read-only' without your permission. This makes it impossible for Baseball Mogul to output a box score file (or game recap). Furthermore, if you turn off the 'read-only' setting for the box score folder, Vista will turn the setting back on without telling you. Many other software developers are struggling with this issue, and we all hope that Microsoft fixes this bug with the next major release to Vista.

In the meantime, we have explored many workarounds and found one that appears to work on most computers: turn off User Account Control.

If this doesn't work, ask Microsoft for a refund for Windows Vista and use the money to buy a copy of Windows XP. No, we are not kidding. When we release software with bugs, our users aren't shy about letting us know about it. When Microsoft release a buggy operating system, they need to hear complaints from as many people as possible.

Q: How do I know where Baseball Mogul is installed?

A: Open Baseball Mogul and select "Open Game Folder..." from the Help Menu.

Q: I can't buy Football Mogul.

A: Our ordering system, for both Baseball Mogul and Football Mogul, requires that you have cookies enabled on your machine (this lets your web browser remember information from one page to the next).

To enable cookies:

Internet Explorer 6

Click on Tools in the top toolbar, click on Internet Options in the drop down box, click on the Privacy tab, and select the Medium setting using the slider control.

Internet Explorer 5

Click on Tools in the top toolbar, click on Internet Options in the drop down box, click on the Security tab, select the Internet globe and then click on the Custom Level button. Scroll down the list to Cookies and select Enable for both options available.

Internet Explorer 4

Click on View in the top toolbar, click on Internet Options in the drop down box, click on the Advanced tab, scroll down the list to Security and select 'Always accept cookies'.

Netscape Communicator

Click on Edit in the top toolbar, click on Preferences in the drop down box, click on Advanced in the category window and then select Accept all cookies.

Q: I bought the new version and installed it, but it looks like I am still running the demo version.

A: This was more of an option with our old installer. The demo gets a different icon and directory from the full version, so you should see two Football Mogul icons in your program files and on your desktop. One should say Demo, but if not you can right click and check properties to see if the shortcut points to C:\Sports Mogul\Football Mogul 2010 Demo or just C:\Sports Mogul\Football Mogul 2010.

Q: How do I transfer saved game files between computers?

A: The saved game files are stored in files with the ".mog" extension in the same folder as FB2K10.exe (or FB2K9.exe if you're using Football Mogul 2009, etc.).

By default, this is c:\sports mogul\Football Mogul 2010\

In Football Mogul 2005 and later, you can automatically open the Baseball Mogul folder by selecting 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu.

(To find out which version you have, select 'About Football Mogul' from the Help Menu).

Q: Where do I find a player database with updated rosters and/or salaries?

A: This is the forum for discussion of the creation of new player databases:

Most new roster updates are created by other Football Mogul users who use the editing tools supplied with Football Mogul. These files are generally supplied as a .mog or .dat file.

You can create your own roster update by Resuming a .mog file, turning on Commissioner Mode (under Tools -> Options), editing player information, then saving the game file.

Once you have created or downloaded a new .mog or .dat file, rename the file to 'Universe.dat' (writing over your current Universe.dat file in the Football Mogul directory). Then, to use this database when you start the game, select 'Custom' on the initial splash screen. Then choose 'Custom Universe' from the next dialog box.

Q: I get an error message when I try to install the Demo. It tells me that it can't find the file instmsia.exe or instmsiw.exe. What does this mean?

A: Microsoft updated their installation program after they released Windows 98. Our demo requires that you have the updated installer. We do not include it in the download, because it doubles the size of the download, and because most users have already installed the latest Windows installer.

If you get this error message, you can download a free upgrade file, and run it to update your Windows installer. Then run the Baseball Mogul 2005 Demo Installer again, and it should work.

You can read more about the installer at the Microsoft website:;en-us;Q305496

Here are links to a 1.4 MB download. PLEASE NOTE: This software is created and provided by Microsoft, and Sports Mogul Inc. cannot guarantee its effectiveness or compatibility with your computer.

If you have Windows 95/98/Me download this:

If you have Windows NT 4.x download this:

After downloading, run the program. Then re-run the Baseball Mogul Demo installer.

Q: I am unable to get the installer to work properly. Is there another way to install the game?

A: Please read the download FAQ for information regarding downloading and installation.

Q: I can run Baseball Mogul, but it is unplayable because the screen looks weird.

A: Many of the graphics settings for Football Mogul are stored in a file called Mogfame.dat in the the Football Mogul directory (usually in C:/Sports Mogul/Football Mogul 2010). Delete this file to reset your graphics settings.

Q: Some dialog boxes don't fit on my screen).

A: On the Tools Menu, choose Options.

On the right side of the dialog, under display, you will see a text field next to the words 'Dialog Size Adjustment'. It will probably have the number '0' in it.

To make the game fit better on your screen, you need to make the dialogs smaller. So, change '0' to '-1', then click the 'OK' button. If this isn't enough, try '-2'.

Q: I am experiencing random crashes in Football Mogul.

Unfortunately, viruses and spyware are growing problems. Many people who've reported frequent crashing have been able to solve them by updating their virus definitions and running a virus scan. And of course if you don't have anti-virus software, you should. You might also need to redownload the game and reinstall the game.

It's also possible that "spy-ware" may be interfering with Baseball Mogul's ability to write to your hard drive. There are free spy-ware removal programs, including SpyBot, available at

If you do have a crash that you can reproduce by following a specific set of steps, please send us an e-mail describing the exact steps. If we are able to reproduce the crash following the same steps, then the bug is in Baseball Mogul, and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Q: How do I run Football Mogul on a netbook (or older computer)?

A: Football Mogul 2010 is designed for screens that are 1024 pixels wide, by 768 pixels high (or larger). If you are running on a smaller screen (most netbooks are only 600 pixels high), then you can change the 'Dialog Size Adjustment' to make the game fit on your screen. In the Tools Menu is a section called 'Options'. Next to 'Dialog Size Adjustment', enter a negative number ('-2' works well for most netbooks). This should allow the interface elements to fit on your screen.

Q: Are you currently working on Hockey Mogul or Basketball Mogul?

A: After we release Baseball Mogul 2011 (in March, 2010) our highest priorities are (in order):

  1. Release patches and updates as needed for Baseball Mogul 2011.
  2. Complete Football Mogul 2011 for launch around August, 2010.
  3. Develop Basketball Mogul.
  4. Develop College Football Mogul.
  5. Develop College Basketball Mogul.
  6. Develop Hockey Mogul.

The above list is subject to change. Basically, right now we really have our hands full with just Baseball and Football. But, we do have hope to expand the product line at some point.

Q: I have a great idea for a new game! What do you recommend?

A: I have been making computer games since the 1970s, and professionally for the last 13 years. My first recommendation is to not waste much time pitching an "idea" to game companies. They have more ideas than they know what to do with. What they want to see are game prototypes or demos, and an experienced team that can bring the game to completion.

If your game is similar in scope to something like the first Baseball Mogul (i.e. a development budget of $75,000 or less), you should find a way to get the game up and running on your own, and probably self-publishing (like we did with our first version).

If your game idea needs a larger budget, you should probably get some game industry experience and contacts first. Gamasutra is a good place to start.

This site basically reiterates the above advice about selling your game idea, but in more depth.